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Our Menu

Our menu changes as our tastes (and the seasons) change — without warning.

Camping in October

Loaded with chilli (beef or veg), cheese, sour cream, and green onions

Dill With It

Topped with a light dill cream sauce, comes with a pickle on the side


Cut up hot dogs and cheese sauce

Green & Gold

Loaded with broccoli, cheddar, and civic pride

Becky With The Good Hare

Topped with a succulent rabbit stew, garnished with fresh pea shoots

Steak Night

Topped with sliced beef tenderloin, mushrooms, and a garlic sour cream

Cheezy Weezy

Stuffed with a cream cheese & potato mix, topped with cheese sauce and shredded cheese


Stuffed with a mashed potato/stuffing mix, topped with shredded turkey and gravy

The Sad Lorraine

This one gets seven minutes in the microwave and comes with nothing but a fork

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